Nominating Petitions for June 5, 2018 Primary Election and Five Dollar Contribution Forms

Nominating Petitions

1.  Janice Arnold-Jones for US Congress: ArnoldJones 2018 Nominating Petition 2       

2.   Steve Pearce for NM Governor: StevePearce_NominatingPetitionforGovernor

3.  Judge French for NM Court of Appeals Judge: SGF_2018 Nominating Petition  

4.  Judge Bohnhoff for NM Court of Appeals Judge:  H B Petition Form (2)

5.  Judge Kiehne for NM Court of Appeals Judge:  Petition

6.  Jimmie Hall for NM Legislative Representative for District 28:  Petition

7.  Mick Rich for US Senate: 2018 Mick Rich Nominating Petition

8.  Michelle Garcia Holmes for Lt. Governor:  Final MGH 2018 Nominating Petition

9.  Wayne Johnson for State Auditor: 2018 WJ Petition State Auditor

10.  David Robbins for Public Education Commission:

11. Daniel Gallegos for NM Court of Appeals Position 4:

Five Dollar Contribution Forms for Public Campaign Financing:

1.  Judge French:  SGF_Contribution Receipt

2.  Judge Bohnhoff:  H B Contribution Form

3.  Judge Gallegos:

4.  Judge Kiehne: Contribution